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Frequently Asked Questions

· How much do you charge?

I charge an hourly rate (between £125 and £350) which reflects the complexity of the client’s requirements. My fee includes all materials and travel costs if within 25 miles of Bristol.

· What events are you suitable for?

My speciality is close up card magic. It is really important that viewers engage with the show and through years of experience I have learnt how to tailor my show to suit any event. I get a variety of bookings from weddings, private parties, corporate events, gothic/alternative parties, restaurant/pub/nightclub entertainment, residential homes and festivals.

· What do you wear?

Usually I wear a 3 piece suit however I am more than happy to dress according to the theme of the event.

· Are you suitable for children or mixed abilities?

My material is mostly for adults. I recommend that my audience should be over 12 years old as some routines will be difficult to understand for younger audiences. I have performed for elderly and deaf people and I am able to adapt my performance so every member of the audience feels involved.

· Do you need a dressing room?

I don’t require a dressing room, as far as no clothing changes are needed.

· Do you do a stage show?

I can provide a stage show of up to 30 minutes. Stage magic requires additional preparation time, an assessment of the venue and may not be suitable for some events. I require an assistant for some stage acts and there are additional cost for stage performances.

· Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Of course, I am a British Actors’ Equity Association. I can provide a copy of my PLI on request.

· How long is your act?

For close up card magic I recommend no more than 4 hours of entertainment with a 15 minute break between each hour, to allow for me to reset. A stage show performance would be for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

· How much time would you need to set up/prepare?

I prefer to have a minimum of half an hour to prepare before each show so that I can familiarize myself with the audience before I start.

· What if I need other performers, do you know anyone?

I am part of a network of performers and I would be able to recommend other performers.

· Do you do your own promotion?

I can create posters, advertise on my website, facebook and twitter if required. I am also able to provide images, logo and other promotional material required for event organisers to use.

· Do you provide a venue?

Yes if necessary, within Bristol.

· Can you provide a reference or demonstration before I book you?

I always recommend to have a demonstration before confirming your booking. There is no charge for a demo. I am also happy to provide contact information for references. You can see a list of previous clients on my webpage.

· Do I need to pay a deposit?

I require a 50% deposit to secure the booking.

· Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee if I am notified a minimum of 1 month before the booking date.

· How far do you travel?

I have travelled all over the world for events, so there is no limit! There is no additional charge if events are booked within a 25 mile radius of Bristol.